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Jordan - Amman / World Food Diary: Mansaf (Morgan Tarpley) on 8-4-12

Papua New Guinea - Hanau Village / Penner's Spotlight (Max Elliot Anderson) on 11-16-12

Russia – Moscow / Penner’s Spotlight (Carole Towriss) on 12-7-12

Singapore - Marina Bay / Penner's Spotlight (Shannon Young) on 1-18-13


Austria - Salzburg, Austria / My Favorite Things (Morgan Tarpley) on 11-28-12

Finland - Rovaniemi, Lapland / Penner's Spotlight (Terri Wangard) on 12-21-12

Germany - A Year Since Deutschland (Morgan Tarpley) on 11-21-12

Germany - German bells resonate hope, peace, goodwill (Morgan Tarpley) on 12-26-12

Germany - Schwangau, Germany (Neuschwanstein Castle) / Penner's Spotlight (Natalie Walters) on 11-28-12

Ireland - Blarney (Blarney Castle) / Penner's Spotlight (Morgan Tarpley) on 11-2-12

Ireland - County Roscommon / Penner's Spotlight (Ruth Ann Dell) on 2-1-13

United Kingdom - Bath, England / Penner's Spotlight (Sarah Smith) on 12-14-12

United Kingdom - Bury St. Edmunds, England / Penner's Spotlight (Sarah Sundin) on 1-25-13

United Kingdom - Chawton, England / Penner's Spotlight (Carole Lehr Johnson) on 11-9-12

United Kingdom - Oxford, England / Penner's Spotlight (Kiersti Plog) on 11-30-12

United Kingdom - York, England / Penner's Spotlight (Donna Fletcher Crow) on 2-8-13

North America

United States - Murfreesboro, Arkansas / Diamonds and Teepees (Morgan Tarpley) on 8-22-12

United States - Chicago, Illinois / World Food Diary: Pizza (Morgan Tarpley) on 9-8-12

United States - Hammond, Louisiana / Traveling through Medieval Times (Morgan Tarpley) on 11-14-12

United States - Lafayette, Louisiana / Writer books night at haunted B&B on 10-31-12

United States - Lafayette, Louisiana / Writer survives night at haunted B&B on 10-31-12

United States - Natchez, Mississippi (Natchez Trace) / Penner's Spotlight (Pam Hillman) on 12-28-12

United States - Nevada (Hoover Dam) / Penner's Spotlight (Karin Beery) on 1-4-13

United States - New York City, New York / Penner's Spotlight (Patti Shene) on 1-11-13

United States - Amarillo, Texas / World Food Diary: Steak (Morgan Tarpley) on 8-19-12

Misc Guest Blog Posts

Travel with your favorite authors by Susan McBeth on 12-12-12

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