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Penner's Spotlight - Max Elliott Anderson - Canada

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Penner’s Spotlight

Penner: Max Elliott Anderson of Illinois

Location: Canada

Production Assignment…Canada

I’ve had the opportunity to work on film productions several times in Canada. Two of those took place 50 miles north of the last town, on Dore Lake, in northern Saskatchewan.  Both projects were dramatic films for children. Their titles are “Silent Thunder” and “Little Eagle.”

          Then there was another project that took me across all of Canada as we documented what happens in a Native American family when the father becomes a Christian and takes his proper place as head of household.

That film was called “Living Legends,” and it contains some truly amazing stories.

Indian Chief

         Travel from place to place wasn’t always what you’d call first class. In one case, we flew by private plane. A dense fog blew in from nowhere making it impossible to see anything. So the pilot dropped down to treetop level for a closer look. I’m positive I felt one of those tress brush the belly of our plane. Here, our crew and equipment were loaded into small boats…

Loading the boats

…for a trip across choppy waters to the next location. See our second boat up ahead?

Out on the water

            One night, we stayed in an abandoned hunting lodge. No water, no electricity, and no locks on the doors.  That was spooky!

The abandoned hunting lodge

            We did get to travel one part of our journey on the Polar Bear Express.           
train royte sign

            See those hand prints on the rocks?  They’re actually the same a cave paintings but without the cave.

Hand paintings

            People often ask me where I get the ideas for the action-adventures and mysteries I write for kids. Well, much of my life has been an adventure, and this is just one of many examples.

Have you had your own Canadian experience? If not, where in Canada would you love to travel? Please join the conversation below.

Max Elliot Anderson writes action-adventures and mysteries for readers 8 and up. Using his extensive experience in dramatic film, video, and television commercial production all over the world, in locations like this, he tries to bring that same visual excitement, and heart-pounding action, to each adventure and mystery he writes.

At this point, 10 books are published and 10 more are contracted. A free catalog is available in a PDF file by emailing

To learn more about Max and his travels and books, check out:

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