Friday, August 23, 2013

Stopping at Harry Potter's Home in Edinburgh

There is a specific home place for the famous literary boy wizard Harry Potter - if you didn't know. 

Sure, it's in J.K. Rowling's mind, but the more physical locale of Harry's beginning was at a quaint little cafe and restaurant called The Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

When I was in Edinburgh this summer, I was able to eat dinner there and have a lovely view of the Edinburgh Castle from the back room's windows. I sat at one of the tables that Rowling most likely sat at when she began writing the first manuscripts of her unforgettable series. 

Many think that Edinburgh Castle was in fact an inspiration for Hogwarts Castle. Either way, it was the neatest little place with fantastic views and great food - a place to go to relax and perhaps write the next bestselling novel.

Outside The Elephant House in Edinburgh
The front view of The Elephant House
View of Edinburgh Castle from the back room
The lovely back room with some interesting elephant decor
Have you ever visited a place from a novel or a specific place where an author wrote? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Great post, Morgan! Visiting Slains Castle in Scotland was such a tremendous experience. Susanna Kearsley's novel 'The Winter Sea' takes place there and walking through the ruins, and having read it twice, really made me feel part of the novel. I love historical fiction and especially experiencing the places where they are written.

    1. You are so right! :) Slains is an amazing place! So glad we could go!