Friday, August 9, 2013

Getting my kicks on Route 66 - Shamrock, TX

The quintessential road trip in the U.S. would be none other than down the historic Route 66, which is exactly where a friend and I headed for a whirlwind five-day road trip that we would never forget.

Living in Louisiana, we set northern Texas as our starting point to hit Route 66. This point was at a little historic town called Shamrock, which is the first official stop of the Texas Route 66 portion coming from the east.

We cheered as we saw the signs lining the street toward our first tourist attraction at the famous U-Drop Inn and Tower Service Station. This building, which was used as a model in the Pixar movie, “Cars,” has been a landmark since 1936.

Builder and owner J.M. Tindall used a design drawn up by a friend with a nail in the dirt to create the Art Deco tower intended to lure the Route 66 traveler in for a great home cooked meal. (Unfortunately, the café is currently closed though.)

We took pictures and visited the gift shop to buy t-shirts, postcards and magnets. The building was so fascinating, especially the café. I could just envision it in its heyday—busy waitresses serving the food to road weary customers heading west or going back east on the well-used road. I’m sure it was a sight to behold.

 Have you been down Route 66? Where has your best road trip ever been?

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