Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fighting Sex Trafficking? Interview with Author Eileen Rife

Life in Chennai, India, is complicated. While Maggie and Gavin Munsfield adjust to a new baby, missionary friends, Dan and Yvonne Pratt, experience the heartbreak of infertility and miscarriage.
When their lives intersect with a young girl caught up in the horrors of sex trafficking, each of them will receive a precious gift.
But will they find it in their hearts to accept an outcome so different than what they expected and hoped for?
An alumna of Christian Writers Guild and member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Eileen has published several nonfiction books, written newsletters, a marriage column, over ten church dramas and for magazines such as Parent Life, Mature Living and more.
"Healing words for hurting hearts," is how Eileen Rife describes her books. Whether through fiction or nonfiction, Eileen wants readers to come away with love that extends beyond themselves, faith that can see the impossible, and hope that endures against all odds.
Her fiction works include Second Chance and the Born for India trilogy (Journey to Judah, Restored Hearts, and Chosen Ones). Look for Laughing with Lily and Wit & Wisdom from the Wee Ones—coming soon from OakTara.
She and husband, Chuck, a licensed professional counselor and marriage/family therapist, conduct marriage seminars for churches and organizations in the states and overseas. They have three married children and six grandchildren. 
For more about Eileen, click here. For more about her books, click here or here.
Interview with Eileen Rife
What should readers know about your latest release? Does it differ from your past books, offer a new perspective on a familiar topic, or shed light on a unique situation?
Chosen Ones is book three in the Born for India trilogy. My passion for writing this novel derived from my daughter and son-in-law’s hearts for trafficked victims around the world.
What was the main inspiration for the new book? Had the idea been on your mind for a while or just popped into it one day?
Actually, in 2008, as I was brainstorming characters and plot for book three, I learned about my daughters’ hearts for sex trafficked women and children. Immediately, I knew this was the issue I would profile in Chosen Ones. Until this point, I had no idea of this horrific crime against humanity.
Why do you feel compelled to write—in your genre or at all?
Whether through fiction or nonfiction, God has given me a passion to share His love and forgiveness through words. Since Jesus was the Master storyteller, I think I’m in good company.
How has travel been involved in your writing and/or research? What’s been your most memorable research experience?
Yes, very much so. Since India kicked off my fiction writing, I have a special place in my heart for that country. I’ve traveled to various areas of India, immersed myself in their culture, foods, and customs and tried to recreate that land in my Born for India trilogy.
Eight years ago, my oldest daughter’s love story as a career missionary in India inspired my first novel, Journey to Judah, and He’s been giving me story ideas ever since.
Who has inspired you the most on your writing journey—a loved one, fellow author, favorite teacher?
Definitely Angela Hunt and Francine Rivers. I read everything they write. They’ve taught me so much about the writing craft and inspired me to get my stories down on paper.
What surprised you the most about the writer’s journey—publication, representation, platform building, the writing itself?
I think what’s surprised me the most thus far is that even writing has its trends, particularly when writing fiction. What worked even a few years ago, doesn’t work for today’s readers who by-and-large enjoy a more fast-paced story with deeper point of view.
If you could rewind time to when you began your pursuit of publication, what would you tell yourself?
The same thing I tell myself every day: If God has called you to do this, Eileen, never give up!
Now to have some fun with travel…
What’s your favorite place you have visited?
Maui! What variety of color and landscape. If I could take a writer’s retreat for a month, it would be to this gorgeous setting.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or would you return to somewhere you’ve already been?
Hmm . . . Maui! But I’d also like to tour Europe, with Ireland at the top of the list.
And now a fun tidbit—if there was one special travel destination just for writers and you were the founder of it, what would the name be and would it be located?
Paradise (not the one in Pennsylvania, although I’ve been there, and it’s a beautiful place).
No, my writer’s paradise would incorporate all the above mentioned: a beach, mountains, pastoral setting, and city (for museums and symphony).
Such variety would serve as fodder for all kinds of stories while energizing and refreshing my spirit, mind, and body.


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