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Penner's Spotlight - Karin Beery - U.S. - Nevada

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Penner's Spotlight

Penner: Karin Beery of Michigan

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

When I tell people I’m going to Vegas, I get one of two reactions: “That’s sin city!” or “Lucky you!” People can’t seem to think past the casinos and shows, but a trip to Vegas also puts you in a desert, near the mountains, and a short drive away from the Hoover Dam.

Named one of the Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century, it’s easy to see why Hoover Dam attracts more than a million visitors every year. The massive concrete monument sneaks up on you as you navigate the sparsely populated road to the dam. 

A "Winged Figure of the Republic" statue
As you creep closer, the size of the structure impresses, but it’s still just a lot of cement. Park your car, step outside, and make your way over the dam to truly appreciate the modern marvel.

Craggy mountains contrast the smooth, sleek lines of the functioning dam. Look one way to see Lake Mead up close, its brilliant blue water popping out against the pale mountainside, evidence of the declining water level. Turn around and look down, down, down – 725 feet to the Colorado River below, and the self-sustaining electric plant fueled by the power of the river.

Arrive early enough and you can pay to join a tour to see the inner workings of the dam, but a self-guided foot won’t disappoint. Don’t forget to rub the toes of the 30 foot tall bronze statues on your way out – legend has it, it will bring you good luck!

Like Karin, have you visited one of the U.S. man made wonders? Do you have a story to share about your trip to Las Vegas? We'd love to hear about it. Please join the travel discussion below in the comment section.

Karin Beery is a freelance writer, editor, and coach. With over 300 articles published, her work also includes blogs, novels, guide books, and more. An active member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association and the Evangelical Press Association, Karin enjoys writing and editing in all forms, as well as helping others achieve their writing goals. Karin lives in northern Michigan with her husband, aunt, and two cats. Find Karin on her website,, and through Twitter here or Facebook here.

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