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Penner's Spotlight - Max Elliot Anderson - Papua New Guinea

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Penner's Spotlight

Penner: Max Elliot Anderson of Illinois

Location: Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea

These pictures come from the dramatic feature film, “Second Step.” I was shooting this scene next to a dugout canoe in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea. Hauna Village is located on the Sepik River, about 110 miles up river from the town of Ambunti.

Parents in this village wait for a full year before naming a new baby because so many don’t live that long. Sickness can take many of them due to dirty water, insect bites, parasites, and crocodiles. It isn’t uncommon for a crocodile to pull a man or woman from a canoe and kill them under the water. And fruit bats flying through the air look as big as 747's; of course they aren’t really that large.
Soon after we arrived, torrential rains fell, swelling the river far over its banks. No wonder the people live in houses high up on stilts.
We slept in tents just a few feet away from dense jungle. Our advance people told us that headhunters still lived only 50 miles farther up river.
Some members of our crew contracted malaria, and I brought home with a large ulcer on one ankle. My doctor said it probably came from something in those floodwaters. Powerful antibiotics finally cleared that up.

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Max Elliot Anderson writes action-adventures and mysteries for readers 8 and up. Using his extensive experience in dramatic film, video, and television commercial production all over the world, in locations like this, he tries to bring that same visual excitement, and heart-pounding action, to each adventure and mystery he writes.

At this point, 10 books are published and 10 more are contracted. A free catalog is available in a PDF file by emailing
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