Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writer survives night at haunted B&B

After the video and a house tour, the time read 8 p.m.— much too early to turn in for the night. I thought I would explore a bit., so I headed outside to take some pictures of the house. As I walked onto the front porch, I was surprised…not by a ghost, but by the sight of two ladies sitting outside on the porch in their nightgowns…and as I found out, they were ghost seekers.

The Alabama women were on a girls’ getaway to Lafayette and New Orleans. They had come here specifically because of the house’s past and one of them wanted to encounter the ghost. I talked with them awhile. They seemed a bit jealous that I had the balcony room, but they were nice and I invited them to sit on it.

While there, the ghost seeking woman decided to rearrange a few things because we were told the ghost doesn’t like things changed. I wasn’t too keen on this, so unknowingly later I fixed it all back. I wasn’t about to make this night any worse. The ladies and I made a pact that if I got spooked than I would stay on their room’s couch. This scaredy-cat had a back-up plan!

About 10:30 p.m., I headed to my room. Amid some creaking and settling of the house, all I heard was the TV I switched on and watched until I found myself nodding off to sleep at one a.m. I jolted awake but then looking around and seeing nothing unusual, ended up going back to sleep nestled tightly in the covers, hoping I wouldn’t awake by a cold chill running down my spine or a realistic nightmare about falling into a well.

Thankfully I got through the night as a chicken should with the TV on and the lamps dimly casting a glow on the room. I didn’t rest well due to waking up every hour to fight to sleep again, which was likely caused from my overactive imagination and the light shining in my eyes all night.

Six a.m. came and I could not sleep, thus the scaredy cat survived the night. The welcomed morning brought sunshine and a simply amazing breakfast. After getting dressed and packing, I wondered downstairs to find the ladies. They were back on the porch—this time in regular day attire. They asked how I fared and I said fine, though I confessed about the lights. They said they had a great night’s sleep with nothing strange. I was glad for that. I met the owners and Mrs. Maugie had donned her red silk pajamas as per her tradition. She took me on a quick tour of the outside of the house.

I wanted to see the well. She took me out through a narrow winding garden path to the backyard. The well was barely noticeable except for the slight sunken piece of ground there. After she went back inside, I walked around a bit to check out their guesthouse, known as the “Garconniere” or gentleman’s house, and walked smack into the path of a black cat.

“Wow…” If I were superstitious, I would have probably passed out right on the spot. Instead I watched the cat pass, meow and disappear under the building as I wheeled around to go to breakfast. The meal was incredible. Chilled fruit served in a long stemmed goblet and the main course was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten—three crepes, done Acadian-style I presumed and stuffed with a light cheesecake filling and topped with strawberries, blueberries and Bananas foster. Très magnifique!

I headed to leave afterward with a glance behind me, half-expecting to see a young woman standing where I had stood myself on the balcony the night before. I saw nothing but that’s not to say someone wasn’t watching me.

For more information about the B&B, visit their Web site at or call 1-800-984-9347.

For more photos, check out their listing on TripAdvisor.

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