Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Bleeding Love" onto our writing lives

As a writer, you never know when inspiration may strike...a story or scene idea may pop up from part of your daily routine or something out of the ordinary. I have not filtered this scene into any of my works in progress yet, but it sure was memorable for me. It was the first (and only time thus far) that I donated blood. (By the end of this post, you will understand why I have not given since...)

I had wanted to give blood for awhile, but seemed to not be in the right place at the right time yet. I couldn't pass up this opportunity, because the Life Share bus was parked right outside my office building. Here was my chance though. I was nervous. I am usually up for trying new things and since it would benefit someone else I was cheerful upon entering the bus to begin the paperwork.

The most amusing aspect of the experience was the computerized questionnaire. After the initial questions about my medical history, I pretty much hit “no” for everything except one question regarding travel. “Have you traveled out of the country in the last three years?” If “most definitely” would have been an option, I would have clicked it.

The funny part came when the blood drive employee asked me where I had traveled, so I began to list. You see I had never even been on an airplane until I boarded the one to go to Costa Rica in June 2006, but since that month I have been to over a dozen countries across the world. Due to the out of the norm locations I listed, the nurse had to get “the big book” of other travel destinations to see if I was prohibited from donating. I barely passed, but I was cleared to go.

An appropriate song, “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, wafted through the bus via radio as I settled into the plush reclining chair with my eyes not looking at the needles. The song was too appropriate. The phlebotomist checked my veins, which are really small apparently. She had to end up taking blood from the extreme edge of my right elbow’s crease.

I was doing fine and I could not even feel that blood was being drawn. Because of the size of my tiny veins, it took over 10 minutes to draw it (the nurse said it usually takes around five minutes). Finally, I was almost done with the pint when a sudden wave of dizziness and nausea swept over me. I do not have a weak stomach, so it was not the blood or needles.

I am still not sure of the exact reason I almost passed out. Maybe, though I had eaten a decent lunch, I should have eaten something else before I went or as nearly passing out is not uncommon maybe it was just my body reacting to the shock of blood loss. Whatever it was I hate the feeling, the total lack of self-control and the almost complete disorientation of your surroundings and situation.

Well regardless of the “little episode,” I got my pint and saved three lives as the nurse told me. Those lives made it worth it and continued in worth until I was second guessing the donation about 10 minutes later when I got back to the office and had a worse dizzy spell. The office became a near white blur before my eyes.

I had been trying to eat and drink what the nurse has given me. When the new wave hit me I could not even lift my head or lift my hands to the table to feel forward for my water bottle. I am very thankful for a great boss and co-workers. They took care of me and drove me home.

I know we’ve all had moments similar to mine and worse. You just have to enjoy the ride--whatever it may be--and make sure we eat well prior to saving three lives.

What are some interesting stories you have gleaned from everyday life? Have you utilized them in your writing?

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