Sunday, August 19, 2012


Steak - Texas's signature dish

I love a good steak...don't get me wrong, but 18 ounces was a little much for me! That's what my personal challenge was at The Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas. I was heading west on a road trip with a friend on the old Route 66 when we spent one night at the Big Texan. The steakhouse is actually famous for the 72 ounce steak challenge,which includes the completion of the steak and four sides: large salad, baked potato, three jumbo fried shrimp and a roll in one hour. I was not about to attempt that monstrous amount of beef, but I did find a better option.

The 18 ounce steak and baked potato
On the menu, I noticed that there was a Big Texan 50th Anniversary Man vs. Food challenge for a fourth of the 72 ounce steak and all the regular sides. A fourth of the steak was 18 ounces, which was plenty big enough for me to attempt to handle. I had to try something out of the ordinary for me, especially since they were out of fried rattlesnake. (Dang!) So the 1/4 steak challenge in an hour it was...and I finished all the sides, but left two measly ounces of steak on my plate. I mean I did eat 16 ounces! The thing is though, when you eat that much steak it didn't matter that it is the best steak you've ever had, but that you just get tired of the taste and chewing. It was definitely a fascinating experience though! Don't think I'll do it again. :) But if you're ever at the Big Texan stop on by and give it a try...or perhaps go for the big dog: 72 ounces!

Salad in a frying pan

Huge fried shrimp and rolls
Almost quitting time for me and the 18 ounce steak

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