Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Gulf’s déjà vu of seven years ago

It was seven years yesterday since this writer got her wisdom teeth out. No…that’s not the significant part of this story, but it was part of it nonetheless. You see I was laid up in a recliner still on heavy painkillers as I watched hours of television coverage regarding the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina…and could not believe my eyes.

Images like those are not easily forgotten. It would be like trying to forget what the Twin Towers looked like shrouded in smoke and flame. This anniversary of Katrina evokes many emotions in our citizens across this state, the country and the world. And now Hurricane Isaac has approached our gulf’s shores.
Jackson Square in New Orleans

“Prepare. Don’t Panic. Pray.” was the message on a Gulf Coast sign that accompanied a Yahoo News article about the coming hurricane. I agree with it. If there is anything Louisianans should have learned since Katrina, I believe it is summed up well in that brief statement. We must pray for safety, prepare for anything and not panic.
The issues of safety and preparation are not only on the minds of those along the coastline, but also here at home. God Bless all and be careful.

Near Jackson Square in New Orleans

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