Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome to Pens on a World Map!

Helloooo there!

Yes, I am alive. I've just been writing a novel.
Past readers, you may have noticed this blog has undergone a bit of a change...yet only by one letter. I have officially changed my blog name from Pins on a World Map to Pens on a World Map. The change is for two reasons: 1) I can encompass more of what I love with the new name - travel and writing and 2) I recently completed my first novel manuscript and I need to focus my blog more on writing.

But what can I say...

My travels and writing cannot be separated. That's just how it is. There will be talk of both. :) The debut novel that I wrote involves my most recent trip to Germany and Austria in November 2011.
Me in the beautiful Salzburg, Austria
The lovely Munich, Germany - view from St. Peter's Church
My book is primarily set in Louisiana and in Munich. Here's my synopsis. Please let me know what you think. :)

An American-raised Nazi is sent to Germany before WWII. The story remained hidden over 70 years until regaled by the now elderly woman, who lived it.
The book follows 92-year-old Nona as she recounts her experiences in the depths of the Third Reich to 20-something nursing home employee, Lea Meyer. The story captivates Lea with its first hand glimpse at the Hitler Youth, young love and the life altering decisions that Nona faced.

The war's outbreak and continuation only fueled the importance of these choices when the ultimate resolution must be reached--continue serving the enemy or choose to betray all you have known. Throughout the look into the 1940s Nazi territories and the warfront, Lea's life begins to intertwine itself with Nona's in ways she did not expect. She feels led to trace Nona's footsteps and confront her own issues of loyalty, faith and love.